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Garbage Disposal Repair & Installation Charlotte NC

There are only a few plumbing businesses in North Carolina that offer garbage disposal services. That’s because most plumbing companies don’t have skilled plumbers for this job.

As there are only a few businesses that offer this service, plumbing companies take advantage of customers. They increase the pricing, and as customers have no choice, they need to pay a high price.

However, Fast Rooter Plumbers policies suggest the benefit of customers and value customer satisfaction. Therefore, you will get the best price for garbage disposal installation, repair, and replacement work if you reach us.

You only need to pick up your phone and dial 704-817-4121. You can call us anytime. Our executives will take all your necessary details and schedule an appointment.

Working of a Garbage Disposal

Though we will be there of your service, it is advisable to know about garbage disposal’s working. It has a very simple structure that works on the principle of cutting through rotatory motion.

Garbage disposal has two or more motors to which sharp blades are attached to the shaft. These blades are responsible for shredding the leftover food and other materials.

When you turn on the garbage disposal, the shaft starts rotating at high speed. Because of that, the blades attached to shafts also exhibit rotation. When you place the leftover material in the garbage disposal, it breaks down into small pieces.

As you can see, blades are sharp, and it could be dangerous to repair garbage disposals by yourself. That’s why if you have any garbage disposal issues, contact us. We will send our plumbers to your place. If the issue seems to be easily solvable, we will provide the right suggestions, keeping your safety into consideration. Here is how you can reach us 704-817-4121.

Some Garbage Disposal Issues and Their Respective Solutions

Garbage disposals are sensitive appliances. If you do not handle it carefully, there can be several issues. Often, the damage is done to the extent that repairing the garbage disposal becomes next to impossible.

That’s why if you have a garbage disposal, always use it as per the guidelines provided by the manufacturer. Even after we or any other plumbing company conducts the repairs, there should not be rough usage. Otherwise, the issues will arise again. We have mentioned the list of issues that people usually face in commercial and residential garbage disposals.

Clogging Because of Leftovers

This issue jams the blades and doesn’t allow them to rotate. Clogging usually occurs when someone puts an item that’s tough to shred. People discard items such as eggshells and sticky materials in the garbage disposal.

To solve the issue, we need to remove the garbage disposal from under the sink. Then we properly need to clean it. Besides that, it is also necessary to ensure that no damage has occurred to blades, shafts, and motors due to clogging.

No shredding of Leftovers

Have you ever experienced no shredding of leftovers after placing them inside the garbage disposals? This happens due to the blades’ orientation’s disturbance. When garbage disposal gets old, wear occurs, which moves the blades from their original position. In this case also, we need to remove the garbage disposal.

After removing the garbage disposal, we move back the blades to their original position. We also ensure that there is no damage to the blades and shaft. If we find any damage, we need to replace them with new ones.

Leakages in Garbage Disposals

Sometimes, you will find that shredded leftover leaks out from the connecting pipes. Usually, it’s the liquid waste that leaks from the elbows of connecting pipes. This is an issue that arises with time. The pipes become old and weary, having rust and corrosion.

The simple solution to leaking garbage disposal is to change the connecting pipes. We detect the leakages, remove the damaged portions, and replace them with new ones.

Overheating even during Short-term Usage

When you use garbage disposal for long hours, overheating is common. However, if it occurs even when used for a short period, you might need to change the motors. Sometimes, the garbage disposal stops working due to overheating. This happens due to melting to fuse.

You can solve this issue by yourself. All you need to do is to change the fuse. However, if the garbage disposal doesn’t work even after changing the fuse, you can call us on 704-817-4121. We will visit your place, find out the exact cause, and work to solve the issue.

All Our Garbage Disposal Service

We offer installation, repair, and replacement services for garbage disposals. You need to contact our customer service number to let us know which service you require.

If you wish to install a new garbage disposal and live in Charlotte NC area, we will send a plumber who will also help you select the new garbage disposal as per your budget and requirements. Replacement service is almost similar to installation service. However, in case of replacement, we also need to remove previously installed garbage disposal.

In the garbage disposal repair service, we will try our best to eliminate the issues existing in the garbage disposal. However, if repairs are not possible, we need to go for the garbage disposal replacement service.

Garbage Disposal Services- Frequently Asked Questions

How long you need to wait to take our garbage disposal service?

Usually, we strive to provide immediate service. If that’s not possible, we go for same-day service as per the appointment time.

What are the areas we serve in North Carolina?

We serve in all major cities of North Carolina.

Do we have licensed professionals?

Yes, all our Charlotte plumbers are licensed and government-approved.

What are some tips that we suggest while using garbage disposals?

  • Turn on the water before using the garbage disposal.
  • Never put oils, bones, rice, fish, pasta, and other such items in the garbage disposal.
  • Switch on the appliance before using it.

Call our executives now 704-817-4121 and get appointment for garbage disposal services.