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We are providing service to Charlotte, NC, residents for more than a decade. Our family-owned plumbing business is one of the most renowned businesses in Charlotte, NC, as we offer multiple plumbing services and fulfill all requirements of our customers, delivering 100% client satisfaction.

The plumbers are ready to encounter and overcome every plumbing challenge. They are licensed, well trained, and holds remarkable perfection in what they do. While providing the service, plumbers make sure to provide the best customer experience. They will take care to maintain privacy and cause minimal disturbance.

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Fast Rooter Plumbers Plumbing Services

Check out the list of services we provide and how we can be beneficial for you. After you find a suitable service, give us a call at 704-817-4121. Our executives will help you arrange a fast appointment. Even if you are not able to find the required plumbing service, don’t worry! Just contact us, and we will support you for sure if your requirement is related to plumbing.

Emergency Plumbing

Are you currently facing a plumbing emergency? If yes, then reach us for immediate service. No matter what’s the time of day, our plumbing team is always ready to solve emergency issues. Problems such as pipe bursting, non-stop backflowing of water, gas leaking through water heaters, etc., are considered emergency issues for which emergency service is open 24/7.

Drain Cleaning

If your drains are not clean, you are going to face multiple plumbing issues continuously. That’s because drains will keep clogging and leaking. Such plumbing issues cause dampness on walls and floors, backflowing of water, pipe bursting, and weakening the foundation. To get rid of these issues, call our plumbers. They will thoroughly clean the drains to make them clog-free and leak-free. We can also do the repair work if necessary.

Water Heater Repair and Replacement

We are expert technicians when it comes to water heater repair and replacement work. We repair not only traditional water heaters but also tankless water heaters. After we reach your place, we find out what’s causing the trouble and eliminate the problem right away. If repairs are not possible, we help you find a new water heater per your needs and provide the replacement service.

Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement

We would like you to note that garbage disposal repair is not a DIY job. It could be risky as there are sharp blades and electrical wiring. It would be advisable if you call our technicians and let them perform the job. Our garbage disposal repair and replacement services are affordable, fast, and effective. After taking our services, there will be no need to worry about the appliance for the long-term.

Sewer Line Repair

Sewer line cleaning and repair is as important as drain cleaning and repair. The blocking of wastewater into your sewer can affect the drainage and whole plumbing system. Our plumbing team uses the best quality technology for checking your sewer system. After finding the issues, they repair the section by removing the leaks and rust. If a section seems highly-damaged, we choose to do the replacement with the best quality material.

Leak Repair and Replacement

Leaks can occur anywhere in the house. However, finding a plumber that provides exclusive service for repairing leaks is tough. That’s why Fast Rooter Plumbers has introduced this service. Our plumbers check the entire premises and mark all the leakages. Then they work to repair each leak one-by-one to ensure that you get a leak-free plumbing system.

Faucet Repair and Replacement

After a time, it is obvious that your faucets will start showing leakages and rusting problems. You need to repair them with time-to-time to make them function properly. If your faucets are having problems, call us now. We will send our plumbers, they will inspect the home or office premises, and make a note of troubling faucets. You might not have noticed problems before our inspection. After the inspection, we provide the total quotation and start the execution to solve each issue. You can also provide us feedback and let us know if you require any changes.

Water Line Repair and Replacement

Waterline installation requires utmost precision and care. If the installation is not done as per the expectations, then it can cause trouble in its service period. We do the installation as per the building map and use the best quality material. If your previous plumbing partner did an incorrect installation and you require repair work now, let us know. We will perform the job to ensure that you don’t have any plumbing issues for a long-time. However, there can be a possibility that your water lines have served their service period. In case that, you can take our affordable replacement service.

Toilet Repair and Replacement

Toilet issues can severely affect your health, and Fast Rooter Plumbers doesn’t want that to happen. That’s why when you reach us for toilet repair and replacement service, we try to provide immediate service. Our plumbers will do the repairs as soon as possible and end your plumbing issues right away. Even if the replacement is needed, we will do it immediately to make sure you face no more plumbing troubles with your toilet.

Repiping Service

Repiping service is an exclusive service Fast Rooter Plumbers offers. It is the best service for buildings that have multiple plumbing system issues. The repiping service lets us change the entire plumbing system and restore it with a brand new one.

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About Fast Rooter Plumbers

As the name suggests, Fast Rooter Plumbers is known for its fast service in Charlotte, NC. We have multiple plumbing teams exclusively hired for different plumbing tasks. That’s why whenever you get our service, you get it from plumbers who have years of experience in dealing with these issues.

You have our assurance that there will be no need to find another plumbing company in the town once we serve you. Our skills, efficiency, and capabilities have remarkable excellence that exceeds the customer expectations. Call us now, get our service, and clear out all the troubling issues.

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What Make Us Different From Other Plumbing Contractors in Charlotte NC

  1. Fast Rooter Plumber performs each task with proper planning to make sure the execution takes place perfectly. We have a proprietary process and checklist to check every issue. Such a planned procedure is unavailable in most plumbing companies.
  2. We serve all areas of Charlotte, NC. Our plumbing network is widespread throughout North Carolina. That’s why you can get our service from most of the areas in the state. Most of the plumbing companies have limited reach.
  3. With time, plumbing companies have loosened the strictness towards COVID-19 precautions. However, we still follow strict rules to ensure that there is no spread of Coronavirus. Our plumbing team always wears masks and uses sanitizers during the service. We also get them regularly tested to make sure they have no infection.
  4. Our primary aim is to help citizens with their plumbing problems. We are not inclined towards huge profit-making. Therefore, plumbing solutions are provided at an affordable price when you take our service without harming our pocket.


  • I own a multi-storied shopping mart, which is five years old. I never expected that in such a short span, there would be plumbing problems. On every other day, I used to get complaints regarding leaking pipes, toilet issues, clogging, and it is frustrating. I can’t focus on these issues all the time. I called several plumbers, but the issues appeared again and again. After I called Fast Rooter Plumbers, they explained the exact cause and why issues are lasting. They did the required repiping, removed leaks, and made the plumbing system perfect. I am satisfied with their work and recommend them.
    Linda M.
  • I was building my new home and wanted everything to be perfect. For that reason, I had a conversation with numerous plumbing companies to check the skills and reliability. To be honest, nobody seemed convincing, and all they wanted is to send the quotation even before knowing the thorough requirement. It is different with Fast Rooter Plumbers as they first patiently understood what I need and provided a home inspection. Then we moved to price, and I was surprised that they could accommodate every need within my budget. I would suggest everyone try their service.
    Kevin J.
  • The best part about Fast Rooter Plumbers is the easy communication and fast service. What I had to do is to make a call. I called and explained to them the needs. It was an emergency, and I was expecting them to send the plumbers right away. Even in less than twenty minutes, they arrived at my place and took the situation under control. If they had been late, it could damage the property and a lot of water wastage. I thank them for their service and recommend them.
    Capri M.

Quality Service
Withing Your Badget

We keep the pricing affordable and maintain the high-standard service quality at the same time. We believe in providing services that can benefit several customers. As we keep the price low, you can take advantage. Please be assured that the quality of service, material, and replacement parts, will NOT be of compromised quality.

We believe in delivering excellent work that works for the long term. Before we execute the service, we provide a detailed quotation and maintain the utmost transparency about the charges. We never charge an additional cost for distance or emergency.

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We are prepared and loaded with tools to deliver an immediate plumbing service to customers, irrespective of the requirement scale, area, and plumbing problems. Whatever issue you face, there is one solution to all of them- reaching out to Fast Rooter Plumbers for fast and unmatchable plumbing service.